Reuben Sandwich~

Reuben Sandwich, using coarsely salted beef (Corned beef) sliced into thin slices, grilled on the grill until the oil is nourishing, and then put on the hot American Swiss cheese, topped with sweet and sour Thousand Island sauce, and finally set Sauerkraut (Sauerkraut), sandwiched between two slices of crispy toasted rye bread (Rye), in the United States, you usually order sandwiches, you can choose the side dish, bread type and dressing, but Reuben won’t ask too much. In one sentence, everything went according to plan.

Chinese Food~

In Chengdu, China, you can often see Chuan Chuan Xiang shops, also called “Hot Pot Mala Tang”, which is actually another form of hot pot. Various meat and vegetables are skewered on bamboo skewers, and they are dipped in red soup.. The spicy and numb texture is very unforgettable. Don’t forget to taste more Chinese food when you go to China!


As a more traditional and well-known food in Scotland, Haggis uses lamb offal, mixed with oats, broth, onions and various spices to fill the lamb’s belly, and is made by barbecue and simmering. Yes, Haggis not only has a strong taste, but actually tastes salty and spicy, and the taste is also quite strong. When enjoying Haggis, you might as well as the Scots, with carrots, Welsh cheese, or a glass of the same strong whiskey. Maybe it only takes a second to fall in love with this dish.

British gourmet cream tea

After seeing so many delicacies, it’s time to ponder and drink tea. A cup of black tea with sugar and milk is probably the epitome of British afternoon tea culture. The cream tea recommended by the editor is also a combination of black tea, scones, strawberry jam and solidified cream. Cream tea is found in various teahouses and coffee shops in the UK. It is a very common and very traditional refreshment. In the not-so-clear afternoon, when lunch was exhausted, I drank this cup of hot black tea and ate the scones wrapped in strawberry jam and cream. A warm current filled my heart.

Belgian cuisine—-moulesfrites

Compared with the British national dish of fish and chips, this delicacy is more delicate and delicate. The bright brown mussels have the smell of the sea, accompanied by golden fries, and the scent of French red wine lingers in the air. It should be the happiest moment of romantic September.

The locals mix mussels and make them with French fries as their staple food. The unique geographical location provides the necessary conditions for producing such delicious mussels. Europeans are well known for their enthusiasm for potatoes, especially when there is a lack of sea fish food after the winter, French fries are even more convenient. The best choice for a full stomach. So, if you want to taste the freshest mussel fries nowadays, you might as well come to Belgium. The gift from the sea will never disappoint you.

Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary, the name of the cocktail. This cocktail is made from a mixture of vodka, tomato juice, lemon slices, and celery root. The bright red tomato juice looks like blood, so it is named after. “Bloody Mary” is the name of a ghost, derived from a legend. This wine is very popular in underground bars and is called “the tomato juice that is not drunk”.

The Bloody Mary cocktail was first born in the Harry New York Bar in Paris in the 1920s. A bartender named Fernand invented the Bloody Mary cocktail. Soon after this, the United States on the other side of the world issued a ridiculous “prohibition.” After Prohibition was lifted, major bars in the United States booze the Bloody Mary cocktail to commemorate this decade of tyranny.

This is a popular cocktail in the world, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy. It is full of stimulus, and you may have eaten your appetite. This cocktail is full of the aroma of tomato juice, but the vodka in the mouth makes the taste extremely smooth and slightly spicy. It trembles between the tips of the tongue and teeth, and it is very lingering.

Bloody Mary is a lively, fresh, exciting and complex cocktail. Because its bright red tomato juice is red and red, it looks like blood, which is a bit disturbing, hence the name. Tomato juice is good for health, and its main ingredients are salt, black pepper, spicy soy sauce, chili sauce and other seasonings. It seems that this wine can replace holiday breakfast salad! Due to the rich ingredients, Bloody Mary is a cocktail that can enrich the creative elements of the bartender.